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Awards Night 2019

Awards Night 2019

The Annual Awards night and dinner was, once again, held at Kingfishers, Cretingham Golf Club on the evening of Saturday January 25th 2020 when around 80 Flyers came together for a great night of celebration.

After the dinner came the awards presentations which were made by Ricky Peacher and Jim Last.

The first award was for Most Improved Runner and in his explanation of the reason for the choice Ricky said

” This year the 1st person that I thought of was also the first name that Bill came up with- that pretty much decided it. And after looking through a few stats from the last 12 months it was clear that we’d made the correct decision. He has trained really consistently with us over the last year and the results are obvious- his PB’s are plummeting and he’s also now a much stronger and more confident racer than he was this time last year. He carries all of our best wishes into the next month or two as he tackles his first marathon in London.

        Most Improved Runner for 2019 is: Tom Hayden

The 2nd Award Winner of the Bill Cox Cross Country Award is – Poric Niekirk, proof that dogged determination, focus and hard work can produce the goods. Poric may not be known to many of you seniors, but has been progressing through our junior ranks. Improvement has been steady as he has matured as a runner. He is still young in athletic terms but made the intimidating step up to run in the under 17 mens at the County Champs in January 2020. This race is probably the hardest of all because all of the entrants are seriously good.  It is also the last race of the day when many have already left the venue so not much support.  He showed that he is now a real runner. A tribute to the junior coaches and a real example for the whole Club.

      This year’s winner of Flyer of the Year may well have helped the junior section take a significant step forward. We’ve been talking about some portable floodlights for a while – last year we found some that were suitable – however, the price tag of nearly £5000 was a potential stumbling block. However, after completing all of the necessary paperwork for a local authority grant, this year’s winner managed to land us almost the entire amount.

        Congratulations to Flyer Of The Year 2019: Lydia Kirk

 In 2019 we held the first ‘Flyers Grand Prix’ series and there are awards for both male and female winners.

        In a nutshell, we ranked Flyers performances in six races over the course of the year. Each runner’s time was ‘age-graded’ to determine the level of performance based on their age.

        We’ll start with the ladies- 6 completed the necessary minimum 4 out of 6 events. So special mentions to Gaye Farrar, Annette Huggins and Jan Green. However, the top 3 in reverse order were: 3rd: Jo Parden, 2nd: Vivienne Taylor and 1st place and the 1st ever Fram Flyers Grand Prix Champion is Marion Walker.

        So now onto the men.

        Firstly, a special mention to Jamie Wright who was the only Flyer to complete all six of the events.

        There were 5 other Flyers chaps that completed the minimum 4 out of 6. Well done to Rob Mawson and Tom Hayden. However our top 3 were: 3rd place: David Taylor, 2nd place: Mark Hayden: and 1st place and Flyers Grand Prix Champion for 2019 is: Adam Howlett. 

Our next award is for Performance of the Year. This one is chosen by club members.   As a reminder, this year’s nominees were:

-Daisy Glover: 1st female and 2nd overall at the Bungay Marathon. Time of 2.46 was a new course record by 10 minutes.

-Rob Mawson: Setting up of the Thomas Mills parkrun. Not necessarily a Flyers event but a significant achievement in the support of local running.

-Guy Hayward: 10 marathons in 10 days at the Great Barrow Challenge.

-Kyra Wilson: Completed the beginners course in the summer, completed the Turkey Trot 10 miler in December in a very credible 90 minutes.

-Jim Last and Lee Barber: Completed the horrendous sounding Sunrise 83 mile ultra run along the North Norfolk Coast in December in the dark in a touch over 21 hours.


As I hope you’ll all agree, a really diverse mix of achievements on that list. All fairly special in their own way. However, there can only be one winner.

As voted by you, this year’s Performance of the Year award goes to: Guy Hayward

The final award is for Framlingham Flyers Club Champion.

This is decided by performance at our summer 5k handicap events. Consistency and improvement are the key to this one. However, sneaking under the handicapping radar also certainly helps!

This year’s winner hasn’t been with us too long but is already showing the commitment to training that is required to succeed in this sport. He’s been a very welcome addition to the Flyers.

Well done and huge congratulations to our Club Champion of 2019 – Daniel Snowden..