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Virgin London Marathon - 17th April 2011

Personal bests for both our Marthon heroes. Good results on a very warm day.

Marathon Heroes

Our proud Marathon Runners.

Position Name Time
4975 Stewart Hambling 3:37:42
7931 Marion Walker 3:54:31

NSPCC Bungay Half Marathon 10th April 2011

Congratulations Dan ... an excellent result on a demanding course.

Position Name Time
29 Daniel Kinsman 1:31:17

Joe Cox Fun Run 27th March 2011

The Framlingham Flyers Juniors produced excellent results at the 1km and 3km events with every runner listed in the top three for their age group and two 1st prize awards. An excellent day for running.

Grace and Harriet Ashley, Warren and Zac

Grace and Harriet 1st & 2nd in age group.

Ashley, Warren and Zac looking pleased with themselves.

Position Name Time Race
1 Grace Berry 3:34 1km Girls under 8
2 Harriet Berry 3:46 1km Girls under 8
3 Zac Wright 12:57 3km Boys 10
1 Ashley Wright 14:36 3km Boys 13
3 Warren Wright 14:56 3km Boys 13

Joe Cox Half Marathon 27th March 2011

Two runners from our seniors ran today. This is a lovely undulating course and the weather was conducive to running.

Position Name Time
22 Darren Sheppard 1:27:49
36 Kevin Short 1:31:51

Norwich Half Marathon 2010 - 13th March 2011

This was the race postponed from last year due to the bad weather. Thankfully todays weather was more conducive to running and there was excellent participation from the Flyers.

Some of the racers Father & Son race for the finish

Some of our boys ready to race.

Father and son race for the finish line

Position Name Time
325 Greg Marshall 1:38:27
337 Stewart Hambling 1:39:10
341 Rob Mackenzie 1:39:17
342 James Mackenzie 1:39:17
366 Kenneth Tovell 1:40:12
927 David Taylor 1:54:42
1097 Angus Western 1:59:16
1307 Joanne Marshall 2:05:20
1560 Vivienne Taylor 2:12:56
1759 Peter Harrison 2:21:53

Wymondham 20 miler - 6th March 2011

Just one Flyer represented today. Well done Marion.

Position Name Time
179 Marion Walker 2:59:25

Felixstowe Half Marathon - 10th October 2010

A fine day to run a half marathon - although our runners claim there was a strong headwind on the downhill stretches!

Position Name Time
37 Daniel Kinsman 1:33:07
70 Robin Mackenzie 1:39:29
77 James Mackenzie 1:40:15
331 Marion Walker 2:10:22

Ipswich Jaffa Track Challenge - Monday 13th September 2010

Our thanks to Ipswich Jaffa for inviting us along to their annual Track Challenge. This year was the first year to involve our Junior Section. All our runners performed well and greatly enjoyed this event.

Ipswich Jaffa Juniors (1500m) Track Challenge

Position Name Time
7 Adam Merry 5:43
16 Zac Wright 6:45
21 Ashley Wright 7:11
22 Warren Wright 8:15

Ipswich Jaffa Ladies (5K) Track Challenge

Position Name Time
9 Jayne Wright 25:07
14 Jean Cox 27:11
15 Ali Chambers 28:28

Ipswich Jaffa Mens (5K) Track Challenge

Position Name Time
17 Ricky Peacher 19:04
19 James Mackenzie 19:35
25 Rob Mackenzie 20:13
38 Kenny Tovell 21:59
39 Richard Higgins 22:06
41 Mark Sargeantson 22:32
56 Bill Cox 25:24

Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog - August 6th 2010

Fun race through the woods. One of the Saxons said " Fram Flyers tend to race in packs" Don't know where that idea came from.....!

Position Name Time
21 Kevin Short 35:53
88 Gary Hutchings 42:46
133 Evette Price 46:36
134 Marion Walker 46:36
135 Rebecca Peck 46:36

Full race results can be found at: Brandon Fern Hoppers

Broome 10k (Summer Series race 3) - August 4th 2010

Third race in the Broome 10k series. Excellent results all round.

Position Name Time
19 Rob Mackenzie 40:35
20 James Mackenzie 40:39
32 Tony Maclean 42:17
47 Kenny Tovell 44:10
62 Richard Higgins 46:14
67 Angus Western 47:29

Full race results can be found at: Bungay Black Dog

Broome 10k (Summer Series race 2) - June 30th 2010

Second race in the Broome 10k series.

Position Name Time
5 Ricky Peacher 38:24
26 Rob Mackenzie 42:21
27 James Mackenzie 42:32
36 Tony Maclean 44:19
46 Kenny Tovell 45:55
61 Wayne Tilbury-Larter 49:30

Full race results can be found at: Bungay Black Dog

Kirton Friday 5 - June 4th 2010

Another lovely evening for a run, although we had more cheerers than runners!

Position Name Time
121 Stuart Hambling 35:37
238 Evette Price 39:34

Stuart Kirton 2010

Stuart sprints to the finish line.

Evette Kirton 2010

Evette working hard for a sub 40 minute finish time

Thanks to Jan and Roy for photographs.

Full race results can be found at: Felixstowe Road Runners

Broome 10k (Summer Series race 1) - June 2nd 2010

Lovely evening for a run. Our runners were pleased with thier results.

Position Name Time
5 Ricky Peacher 37:38
22 Rob Mackenzie 42:00
31 Tony Maclean 43:25
40 Kenny Tovell 45:03
56 Wayne Tilbury-Larter 49:18

Full race results can be found at: Bungay Black Dog

Ipswich Friday 5 - 28th May 2010

After years of training the Ipswich route for this Friday 5 event does not get any easier!

Position Name Time
56 Kevin Short 33:51
180 Evette Price 40:35

Full race results can be found at: Ipswich Jaffa Running Club

Woodbridge 10k - May 16th 2010

Well done to our runners who took part in a tough race, apparently the wind was in your face all the way up the hill!

Position Name Time
15 Ricky Peacher 38:40
108 Richard Farres 35:24
186 Mark Sargeantson 48:27
367 Jill Anderson 55:13

Full race results can be found at: Woodbridge Shufflers

Virgin London Marathon - 25th April 2010

Some of our runners took part in the 30th London Marathon on Sunday, the first sponsored by Virgin. The club hired a coach for the day and so those running were well supported by Framlingham Flyers, familly and friends.

The 2010 London Marathon racers!

The 2010 London Marathon racers!

Position Name Time
921 Ricky Peacher 2:57:56
2889 Kevin Short 3:19:31
7441 Stewart Hambling 3:46:04
9464 Marion Walker 3:55:05
11081 Tony Maclean 4:00:46
12111 Richard Farres 4:04:46
15823 Jeremy Bewick 4:19:04

Barcelona Marathon 2010

Well done to Rob who was the first Framlingham Flyer to complete a marathon this year.

Position Name Time
2040 Rob Mackenzie 3:21:11

Stowmarket Striders - Joe Cox Half Marathon - 28th March 2010

Some of our members training for the London Marathon thought this event would be a good test of their fitness.

Position Name Time
92 Richard Farres 1:42:16
110 Stewart Hambling 1:44:15
147 Marion Walker 1:47.52
169 Jeremy Bewick 1:51:14

Wymondham 20 Mile - 7th March 2010

A seriously demanding event, well done to both our runners.

Position Name Time
39 Ricky Peacher 2:18:09
253 Marion Walker 3:24.04

Bungay Black Dog - Adnams Great East Run 20km - 21st February 2010

Four of our lads braved cold winds, snow and sleet showers to take part in this event. Hats of to them, well done!

Position Name Time
23 Daniel Kinsman 1:23:09
72 Rob Mackenzie 1:29:51
91 Tony Maclean 1:32.04
242 Jeremy Bewick 1:48:50

Norwich Half-Marathon - 29th November 2009

The Larking Gowen City of Norwich Half-Marathon took place on Sunday 29th November with two of our runners taking place. This was Greg's fourth November race and Jill's first Half-Marathon, well done to both runners.

Position Name Time
210 Greg Marshall 1:33:57
1386 Jill Anderson 2:00:03

Southwold Adnams 10k - 22nd November 2009

The first Southwold Adnams 10k took place in very high winds. Apparently the finishing bag contained a bottle of beer so all our runners were happy!

Position Name Time
15 Greg Marshall 42:09
16 Rob Mackenzie 42:14
31 James Mackenzie 44:03
38 Tony Maclean 44:20
97 Jeremy Bewick 49:12
161 Joanne Marshall 53:18
340 James Kelly 75:03

Bungay Cross Country - 15th November 2009

Well done to all our runners.

Position Name Time
26 Ricky Peacher 30:52
36 Dan Kinsman 31:18
51 Rob Mackenzie 32:26
66 Greg Marshall 33:01
74 Kenny Tovell 33:59
75 Stewart Hambling 34:00
122 Ken Rooke 37:31
132 Gary Hutchings 37:55
142 Marion Walker 39:08
155 Bill Cox 41:04
156 Joanne Marshall 41:12
173 Jean Cox 45:35

Framlingham Cross Country - 1st November 2009

Apparently a very very muddy event!

Position Name Time
24 Ricky Peacher 31:29
58 Kenny Tovell 34:40
62 Greg Marshall 35:01
82 Stewart Hambling 36:49
94 Tony Maclean 38:06
112 Gary Hutchings 39:26
151 Joanne Marshall 45:44

Stowmarket Scenic 7 - Sunday 8th November 2009

Tony was the only Framlingham Flyer to take part in the Stowmarket Striders - Scenic 7 on Sunday 8th November.

Tony was pleased with his time of 48:46 for the seven miles and came in 51st, very respectable out of a field of 257.

Great South Run - Sunday 25th October 2009

Some of our runners travelled to Portsmouth to take advantage of the fine weather on offer along the south coast.

The Boys at the Great South Run

The Boys ready for the Great South Run!

Position Name Time
250 Ricky Peacher 1:08:02
315 Rob Mackenzie 1:09:03
1378 Stewart Hambling 1:17:57
2344 Jeremy Bewick 1:22:21

Saxons Nearly 5 - Sunday 18th October 2009

13 Framlingham Flyers took part in this years Saxons nearly 5. A fantastic day for a run, congratulations to all runners.

Flyers plus support

Bill, Becky, Jo and Diane with support team!

Position Name Time
5 Ricky Peacher 31:21
27 Gary Hutchings 39:35
30 Rebecca Peck 40:37
32 Bill Cox 40:44
37 David Taylor 41:10
38 Jill Anderson 41:20
48 Ray Howard 45:53
50 Jean Cox 46:37
53 Vivienne Taylor 47:56
57 Rebecca Pott 52:59
58 Diane Briffa 53:00
61 Janet Green 59:20
62 Joanne Fishpool 1:21:13

Special mention goes to Becky Peck who was the 3rd placed Lady.

Full details of the Saxons nearly 5 can be found on the Saxons web page. A link can be found on our Links Page

Harwich Discovery Run 10k. Saturday 17th October

On Saturday 17th October 3 members of Framlingham Flyers took part in the Harwich Discovery run 10k. Congratulations to our members and all runners in this event.

Rob Flying Jeremy going well Tony doing well

Rob, Jeremy and Tony looking good

Position Name Time
15 Rob Mackenzie 41:33
23 Tony Maclean 43:17
48 Jeremy Bewick 48:38

Marion Walker - Competes in Ford Ironman World Championship (Age Category F55-59) 2009

On Saturday 9th October 2009 Marion Walker competed in the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii.

Marion completed the event in a time of 15:30:12. From live coverage of the event it seems that weather conditions were difficult with high temperatures and a strong wind on the return leg of the bike segment.

Marion managed the 2.4 mile swim in 1:48:11 and was on her bike after just 9.5 minutes in transition. The 112 mile bike ride was completed in 7:34:22 with an average speed of 14.79 mph.

The second transition of 12:20 separated the bike phase from the marathon which Marion achieved in 5:45:49, finishing the event in fine form to a welcome home from the female winner Chrissie Wellington also from East Anglia.

Diss 15 and 7.5 races - Sunday 27th September 2009

Our Tony took part in the Diss 7.5 race on Sunday 27th September. Coming home 12th from a field of 79 competitors in a time of 54:27.

More information on the Diss 15 and 7.5 race can be found at the Diss AC web site: DissAC 15

Photos of the event can be found at Diss photos

Ipswich Larking Gowen Half Marathon 30th August 2009

On Sunday 30th August 2009 the first Ipswich Larking Gowen Half Marathon was run. Four members of Framlingham Flyers took part in in this event, there results are shown below.

Jayne racing for the line

Jayne racing for the finish line.

The event was exceptional, the weather lovely, the organisation excellent and the Ipswich spectators extremely supportive.

This event is certainly one to be included in next years event diary

Position Name Time
52 Kevin Short 01:29:00
209 Richard Farres 01:46:41
238 Mark Sargeantson 01:48:45
470 Jayne Wright 02:06:55

All together there were 598 runners that completed the Ipswich Larking Gowen Half Marathon. For full details of this event please visit the Ipswich Jaffa web site: Ipswich Jaffa

Marion Walker - UK Ironman Champion (Age Category F55-59) 2009

On Sunday 2nd August 2009 Marion Walker became the UK Ironman female champion in her age category (F55-59).

After a fantastic 2.4 mile swim of 1:14:08, Marion picked up her bike in transistion and covered the next 112 miles in just 7:27:07. After the second transition Marion then ran the final marathon stage of 26.2 miles in 5:12:45.

This was Marion's first Ironman race and with a finish time of 14:12:19 has secured herself an entry into the International Ironman competition in Kona, Hawaii in October this year.

Everyone in Framlingham Flyers are extremely proud of Marion and her fantastic achievment and wish her the best of luck as an International Competitor.

We should also acknowledge the support, motivation and support provided by Gordon Merfield, Marion's coach and her family, especially her husband.

Race For Life 2008 by Jo Fishpool

I started running at the club around about 6 weeks ago. During my first visits I needed to walk for longer than I was running but as the weeks passed I began to run more than I was walking. During the training runs I began to feel more comfortable and confident running at my own speed.

With the instructions and encouragement of the coaches I built up my fitness and stamina and around 3 weeks ago I managed to complete a run of three miles in 45 mins during which we ran cross country then along roads through Framlingham and back to the sports ground. I have now reached the point where I can run a mile in just under 11mins. Although not a fast speed it is an amazing feeling.

I felt confident enough to enter the ladies "Race for Life" that took place on the 9th of July at the Suffolk Showground this is in support of the charity "Cancer Research". On arrival at the event it was pouring with rain with less than ideal running conditions. I compeleted the 5KM (3.1 miles) run in 43 mins. I still needed to walk at times but I am pleased with my performance and I look forward to doing more running in the future. I feel that this has been a personal achievement with a better understanding of my capabilities and an improved self confidence.

Race for Life 2007